The Heriytage Journey

When our Founder set out to plan and arrange his sister’s wedding in Solapur, it was a nightmare. He had to struggle to obtain the best options for wedding and had to run from shop to shop assembling everything to make it a grand affair. This left him shaken and determined. It got him thinking. How difficult it is to plan a wedding or an event with everything available at all times at one single place?

Thus was born The Heriytage Events, Lawns & Catering. Using common sense together with zeal to give the best, he ventured on this journey picking up blessings and experience as each wedding and event gave him invaluable lessons from the world of event management. It has come to a point where, either he has done it all, seen it all or simply is prepared to face anything new.

The Heriytage’s founder has had a glorious journey of 19 years where The Heriytage has come to be the one stop shop for all things beautiful. At The Heriytage they anticipate your needs and based on the kind of event they stock up everything that you may need. His experience has taught him to be extremely quality conscious.

Experience has also taught The Heriytage that weddings and celebrations are once in a life time event and people expect the best. People seek clarity on costs, material, manpower and time. They are going to share the best time of their lives with The Heriytage and they have to make that memorable.

So, The Heriytage’s one-stop-shop has it all. From sprawling lawns to parking facilities, to international cuisines, classy cutlery, designer spreads, CCTV cameras, comforting staff and more importantly a sterling service.

At The Heriytage we do everything with a smile because we know that this is the exact feeling the client would experience once they have engaged us.

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