Haldi Ceremony / Simantpujan

In Gold Wedding Package our guests are offered the lawns from 6pm onwards for celebrating the Haldi / Simantpujan ceremony along with the use of 4 rooms(upto 20 guests). A stage with a pandal and a Paat, Chaurang, a Havan Kund and an Indian seating arrangement for Haldi ceremony is included. Also a lawn sitting with 100 regular chairs, an audio system with a mic, fan & coolers is also provided. We also provide 50 gajra’s and 2 small garlands for the ceremony. The guests are also given multiple options for banquet facilities to choose from.

Wedding Day Arrangements

On the wedding day the following arrangements are provided in the Gold package for our guests like rooms with mattress, pillow and blanket(Solapuri chaddar). Also included is hot water facility (6am-8am) for bath with soap, shampoo and toothpaste. Breakfast for 100 persons with tea & coffee is also included in the package. To make the special day even more special, a simple stage decor with royal chairs along with a 1 hour horse and 9 member band is at your disposal. Other small but finer touches to make your precious day better include Akshada packets, 50 gajre’s, 2 guch & 2 big garlands. We also provide 300 regular chairs(100 dressed up and 200 regular) with 4 steel sofas for our guests.

Simantpujan Dinner – 100 Person

Breakfast – 100 person

Wedding Lunch – 400 person
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