1. Is Outside Catering is allowed?

We take food hygiene very seriously. A tight quality control system within our in-house catering ensures that the entire supply chain from sourcing of ingredients to cooked food is with the highest quality standards. Since we are unable to have full quality control over outside food, we do not permit outside catering.

2. Does The Heriytage Lawns offer decoration for events?

At The Heriytage Lawns, we have a wide range of decoration materials and ideas that are sourced keeping in mind the various lawns and banquet. We also have a tie up with many vendors who can provide all solutions for decor.

3. What is the payment policy?

In order to facilitate a smooth event for you with all detail and coordination with various in-house departments, we have a policy to accept complete payment 15 days prior to the event.

4. Does The Heriytage provide parking for the event?

At The Heriytage we take each and every aspect of event planning very seriously including parking for our guests. We also provide the facility of Valet parking (at an extra cost) to our guests.

5. Can we play music in our event till late night?

As law abiding citizens, we tend to follow the law of the land and do not entertain loud music post the official time limit of 11pm.

6. Are we allowed to bring our own food and drinks?

Our business counts on our food and beverages. The sales from these help us provide the highest level of customer service. Hence we do not encourage outside food and drinks.

7. Are we allowed to burst crackers in The Heriytage?

We don’t allow guest to burst crackers within the premises because it is unsafe and we want ton take all necessary precautions to keep our guests and staff safe.

8. What about powder rangoli?

We tend to take care of our lawns to keep it immaculate for you as well as the guests after you. Cleaning of powder rangoli is a difficult task and can damage the lawns also. Hence we do not permit the use of Rangoli in our premises.

9. What is strictly not allowed at Heriytage?

Our brand is built on the ethos of a clean family friendly venue where auspicious ceremonies take place. Alcohol and non veg. food is something we do not permit at our premises.

10. What is not provided within package?

The following facilities: videography, photography, pooja material, pandit, mehendi and room service for in house guests can be procured at an extra cost beyond the package deal.

11. What are the extra charges apart from package?

GST & electricity bill (or generator charges) is applicable over and above the package cost.

12. What is the USP of The Heriytage?

Food ethics run high in our blood. We refuse to compromise with your health. Heriytage food is prepared under strict hygienic conditions and served in top quality food grade crockery.

13. What are the quality measures taken by Heriytage Catering?

Delicious and fresh set meals which are suitable for the whole family are prepared in the most hygienic way. We also take special care not to use edible colors, Monosodium Glutamate or substandard products in our preparations.

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